Sometimes poems…

It’s been a rough few weeks. I frequent a blank Google Doc with blinking cursor more often than usual  with a cellphone newly set to “do not disturb”. Without going into specifics, there’s been a lot of change very, very quickly and although I’m convinced it’s for the better, it doesn’t make it any less hard to digest; especially, during nights like these in the company of invasive thoughts and my old, infamous friend- Insomnia.

I can’t write- or I don’t think I can which is worse. I’ve discouraged myself even before putting pen to page (or fingers to keyboard). I’m trying to work through it; this blog is supposed to be a step in the right direction.

I can’t promise you anything but sometimes poems. I know it’ll be selfish and a strange mix of convoluted and cliche- whatever it is. I’m trying. I’m working through it.

Who knows? Perhaps it’ll entertaining to go along for the ride? Or watch behind Plexiglas as I free-fall? Or whatever other carefully constructed metaphor I can’t come up with right now because…

I can’t find the words! (ding-ding. another cliche. as promised)

I’m trying. I’m working through it.

Here I go…




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