I’ve had an epiphany!


I’m working on this play called Degrees of Separation and it follows the story of this person, Ferrie, and their six (documented) romantic escapades over the course of a year. Ze’s v queer, v confused, and v tired of distance (literally and figuratively).

Like the piece I started last semester called Twenty-Six, it’s slated to be a tragicomedy. Given how jazzed I was to write it then, I sort-of hoped it’d write itself come August. I’ve learned that I need to stop hoping for things (ha).

I’ve been stuck. Who are these “lovers” are in Ferrie’s world? Are they abstractions? Real people? Real assholes ? I need to be specific.

It’s 2:18 am on a monday, and i’ve had an epiphany.

Let’s use this nifty blog to write Ferrie’s letters to these people! You know,  a whole “things I’ll never send”- situation? It’d be a good way to flex some creative muscles and potentially learn a lot more about zir  and, by extension, the other characters i’m struggling so hard to find.

Not everything will be about Ferrie. I’ll be sure to label the thingys as they come up. For now, I’m speaking this whole “letter” thing into existence and hoping (here I go again) that it comes to fruition. Internet gods- hold me to it.

Cool? Cool.


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