More Thoughts on Degrees of Separation…

After perusing my Google Drive, I happened upon lots of “Untitled Documents” with snipits of poetry and song lyrics from a project I started very long ago. Seeing this quickly reminded me of a few abandoned compositions I created  as well.

I feel inspired to take a another shot at songwriting; perhaps, for Degrees? I’m not sure if it’ll be a musical or a play with musical elements, but perhaps this can be a good way to flesh out more details of the world I’m trying to create.

That said, I’ll start throwing around some stuff on this blog that may or may not resemble a song? If I’m feeling up to it, maybe some voice recordings can do some good.

Ferrie’s definitely an alto in my head, which is pretty rad.

3 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Degrees of Separation…”

  1. Maybe we can work on some music sometime… I write, but sometimes I find it mad hard to come with anything. Let’s write some music??


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