Eulogy from a cage

We fill potholes with spigot water

And aim mirrors at the sun

to splash in rainbows.


And when the wind picks up,


We outstretch our arms

and let the leaves, and bags, and wrappers whirl around


Like sorcerers

We made miracles

Blessed bones,

blood and chalk outlines,


Clawed curses from our children,

Learned to love the sinners


And spoke to God

In our last breaths


We listened to

Teddy bears speak eulogies.


And hexed hope

into pockets with quarters


And dawned

Chainmail- hardened and brave


We were magic

Praising God and

Waiting for nothing

But our heartbeats


In our land where

Breathing is a commodity


We are



Too familiar with Neverland


Caught in clock towers

Where hands slip as fast as lives


We are

Our own soldiers

Armed, weighted, watching

I wonder…


Have you ever thought about surviving?


Ever been urban legend?


Had your dreams reduced to fairytales?




I wonder…


If I will be

Your first

And last



On my last night on Earth

Will you mourn like

You listened

To my song

Like you believed

And spoke

And read

And danced

And followed

And flew


Will you?

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